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This analysis provides the state of development of hypersonic technology in the United States.

Hypersonics is a looming market that is growing primarily in response to advances made by opposing US world powers. The development of hypersonic technologies is carried out on a two-pronged basis to produce offensive weapons and defensive technologies against hypersonic threats.

The data used to provide expenditure data is taken directly from the United States Defense Budget documents for 2021. In this case, all data is classified as research, development, test and evaluation (RDT & E) because the technology is still under development.

There are therefore some significant fluctuations as programs are consolidated and completed or when test evaluations change the direction of further development. Some development projects involve sensitive information which is classified and cannot be disclosed to the public; therefore, the amount of current and future spending may in fact be higher than forecast.

The competitive landscape for this analysis is formed by the harvest of defense contracts awarded in fiscal year 2020. Competitors are ranked based on the total face value of contracts awarded. The actual revenues earned by competitors directly from hypersonic development cannot be determined because the company’s financial statements do not distinguish these specific revenues.

The drivers and constraints cited in this analysis focus primarily on the hypersonic development segments. Other factors and constraints should emerge once the development phase is completed and production has started.

Finally, the analysis provides readers with several viable growth opportunities for companies currently involved in development and companies considering entering a future hypersonic market space.

Main topics covered:

1. What you need to know first

  • Trends you need to know

  • Main growth opportunities in the hypersonic market

2. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it more and more difficult to cultivate?

  • The strategic imperative

  • The impact of the three main strategic imperatives on the state of hypersonics

  • Growth opportunities fuel the engine of the growth pipeline

3. Analysis of growth opportunities, development of defense hypersonics

  • Scope of the analysis of the development of defense hypersonics

  • Segmentation of the development of defense hypersonics

  • Key competitors for the development of defense hypersonics

  • Key growth indicators for the development of defense hypersonics

  • Growth engines for the development of defense hypersonics

  • Growth constraints for the development of defense hypersonics

  • Prediction hypotheses, development of defense hypersonics

  • Expenditure forecasts, hypersonic defense development

  • Expenditure forecasts by defense organizations

  • Expenditure forecasts by development segments

  • Analysis of expenditure forecasts, hypersonic defense development

  • Competitive environment, development of defense hypersonics

  • Defense Contract Awards Share, Defense Hypersonics Development

  • Defense Contract Awards Share Analysis, Defense Hypersonics Development

4. Analysis of growth opportunities, fundamental / applied research

  • Key growth indicators for basic / applied research

  • Expenditure forecasts, basic / applied research

  • Forecast analysis, basic / applied research

5. Analysis of growth opportunities, advanced development

  • Key growth indicators for advanced development

  • Expense forecast, advanced development

  • Forecast analysis, advanced development

6. Analysis of growth opportunities, management support

  • Key growth indicators for management support

  • Expenditure forecasts, management support

  • Forecast analysis, management support

7. Analysis of growth opportunities, development of the operating system

  • Key growth indicators for the development of the operating system

  • Expenditure forecasting, development of the operational system

  • Forecast analysis, operational system development

8. Analysis of growth opportunities, SDD

  • Key growth indicators for SDD

  • Expenditure forecast, SDD

  • Forecast analysis, SDD

9. Universe of growth opportunities, development of defense hypersonics

  • Growth opportunity 1 – Acquisitions, mergers and partnerships

  • Growth Opportunity 2 – Countering Hypersonics

  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Detection and Tracking

  • Growth opportunity 4 – Propulsion for hypersonics

  • Growth Opportunity 5 – Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)

10. Next steps

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