Smart Eye acquires Affectiva for the development of biometric eye tracking technology

Eye tracking solutions provider company Smart Eye has announced that it will acquire Affectiva for $ 73.5 million, expanding its presence in Boston, United States, and Cairo, Egypt.

Following the acquisition, the new conglomerate will focus on developing biometric eye tracking technologies for applications in indoor detection, media analysis and human factors research.

In addition, Smart Eye will now continue its work to improve automotive-grade interior detection artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and biometric driver monitoring (DMS) systems.

“As we watched the DMS category evolve into indoor sensing, monitoring the entire cabin, we quickly recognized Affectiva as a major player to watch,” said Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye, in commenting on the news.

According to Krantz, Affectiva’s pioneering work in establishing the field of AI Emotion has significantly helped bring this technology to the market on a large scale.

Integrating Affectiva’s AI with Smart Eye’s eye tracking systems will now allow human factors researchers and marketers to gain a more holistic view of people’s behaviors.

“At the end of the day, it’s about saving lives and bridging the gap between humans and machines,” Krantz explained. “Looking back in the future, I am convinced that this is a defining moment for road safety thanks to the announcement we made today.

Indoor sensing, automotive applications have mushroomed in recent years, harnessing the potential of biometrics to deliver a safer and more comfortable experience for drivers and passengers.

More recently, the advancement of facial and voice biometric solutions in automobiles has sparked a possible legislative change in the United States.

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