Samsung’s frame is the perfect blend of technology, craftsmanship and durability

The symbiosis between technology and art has given birth to a new trend that is evident in many homes today. In keeping with this new lifestyle, Samsung wisely launched The Frame in 2017 with over a million units sold, redefining television while turning screens into stunning works of art in a living space. Today, the 2021 framework is better than ever.

In the age of individualism and customization, The Frame fits almost perfectly into the urban lifestyle as it serves more than its pragmatic functionality – the TV also serves as art and inspiration for various needs. daily.

The Frame is more than just a television. This is a framed piece of art that you can easily fit into your home interior with customizable frame colors and a range of selected artwork available on the Samsung Art Store. Homeowners also have the option of mounting The Frame on the wall or placing it in any corner of their choice with the studio stand – creating a whole new masterpiece vibe that matches your personality and style. room.

Organize your own personal art collection from world-class galleries to accentuate the ambiance and feel of your home

This gallery-like experience is also enhanced by a growing library of over 1,400 works of art from world-renowned institutions for you to choose from. Organize your own personal art collection from world-class galleries to accentuate the ambiance and feel of your home – from classic art to modern wonders and breathtaking photography.
Design matters

Samsung has also made improvements to its television repertoire to reflect the changing interests and tastes of consumers. The new frame boasts a slim design, hugging the wall at just 24.9mm – similar to the depth of a standard photo frame.

The Samsung frame
The frame boasts a slim and elegant design

The frame size ranges from 32 inches to 75 inches, allowing you to best integrate the TV into the living space, whether it is an office studio or a spacious penthouse. The smaller sizes of 32 and 43 inches can also be displayed vertically, which is especially useful if you are looking for something for a creative studio or commercial spaces. At home, there are also vertical artwork available in the Art Store for homeowners to enjoy the vertical screen as well. Adjustable brackets are also available and work with sizes 55, 65, and 75 inches.

Design-conscious buyers can match the interior design with customizable eyewear available in the modern type including white, teak, and brown. There is also the new beveled-type bezel design, available for sizes 55 and 65 inches, which features a sleek 45-degree inner rim and is available in white as well as a unique brick red.

The Samsung frame
Design-conscious buyers can match the interior design with customizable frames in different colors and finishes

When The Frame is off, it automatically switches to Art Mode where the screen displays beautiful artwork of your choice. Enhance the atmosphere of any space the TV is placed in with the enhanced Art Mode featuring a new home screen that houses essential art collections and art information. As you browse, you can also learn about works of art and enrich yourself with art history and cultural references from the comfort of your own home.

A paid subscription to the Samsung Art Store also grants access to all 1,400 (and growing) works of art, which consist of a myriad of paintings, photographs and other types of art. art from Art Store partner galleries including Museo del Prado, Albertina, Saatchi Art, Artspace, Sedition, Magnum Photos and LUMAS – with more galleries expected to join in the future, so you can expand your art collection with constantly updated galleries in the Art Store. There’s also a new notification service to keep you up to date with the latest in the Art Store. You can also display your own photographs and illustrations on the screen, adding an extra personal touch with The Frame. Or use the My Collection feature to view photos of your family and friends’ most loved moments; something to play on during family reunions, birthdays and meaningful occasions.

Cutting edge

The 2021 framework also shapes QLED technology with quantum dots for a billion shades of colors to enhance your viewing experience. It also features 4K Quantum Processor resolution that intelligently optimizes picture and sound to deliver a truly stunning viewing experience, as well as the company’s dual LED including a dedicated hot and cold LED backlight structure to deliver enhanced contrast. .

The Samsung frame
The Multi View function is also ideal for multiple users, allowing work and play at the same time

To create a 360-degree experience, The Frame also comes with SpaceFit Sound to automatically optimize sound in space, and the Multi View feature so you can multitask on the screen. The Multi View function is also ideal for multiple users, allowing work and play at the same time. Other smart features include mobile mirroring where you can easily connect the TV to your mobile device, and Tap View where you can just tap to connect.

With sustainability being the buzzword in today’s environment, Samsung is answering the call with its eco-friendly packaging that goes beyond recycling for upcycling. This sustainable solution recycles up to 200,000 tonnes of corrugated cardboard each year. By minimizing text and graphic images on the eco-friendly packaging, oil-based ink from color printing commonly used on televisions is eliminated, helping to further reduce waste.

Solar remote control
The solar remote control made from recyclable plastic and powered by solar energy

The brand goes even further by producing a remote control in recyclable plastic and charged by interior lighting. This solar remote control helps reduce the waste of a projected 99 million AAA batteries over seven years – a conscious way to make technology sustainable for a better future.

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This story first appeared in Prestige Online Malaysia.