Non-IT employees are increasingly involved in technology development: Gartner

According to a new survey from Gartner, Inc.

Gartner defines enterprise technologists as employees outside of IT departments who create technological or analytical capabilities for internal or external business use. They are primarily responsible for building analytics capabilities (36%), but are also involved in building platforms for digital commerce, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic process automation, among others.

“Technology work, which was once primarily the responsibility of dedicated IT stores, is becoming more democratic,” said Raf Gelders, vice president of research at Gartner.

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“The best companies compete in the digital economy by harnessing the expertise and ingenuity of all their employees and progressive CIOs [chief information officers] are working with other executives in the C suite to do just that, ”Gelders added.

Additionally, business technologists collaborate with IT to create value.

Dramatic growth in opportunities for digitization, as well as lower barriers to entry (such as low-code development tools and AI-assisted development) have been among the main factors enabling the “democratization of technological development in the world. beyond IT professionals, ”according to the report.

Almost 77% of enterprise technicians use a combination of automation, integration, application development or data science and AI tools in their daily work.

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Four in five respondents said they find value in collaborating with IT, rather than bypassing it, compared to building technological or analytical capability independently.

The reasons given were the increase in innovation, safety and speed. Additionally, 76% of corporate technologists take responsibility for business risk or believe it is their responsibility to ensure their work is secure, meets regulatory requirements, and has no impact. negative on others.

The analysis further shows that organizations that empower business technologists to be successful are 2.6 times more likely to accelerate digital business results.

“Business technologists extend the strategic reach of CIO as IT equips and empowers employees across the enterprise to develop digital capabilities to earn or save money,” said Gelders.

“Focusing recruitment efforts and investments to take full advantage of this resource base provides CIOs with a major opportunity to work with other business leaders,” added Gelders.

The report is based on the Gartner Reimagining Technology Work Survey conducted online in March 2021 of 2,820 enterprise technologists across all functions, industries and geographies.