Homebuyers rank their top home tech features

The evolution of technology has opened up a range of possibilities for a connected home. Now more than ever, remote and voice controlled devices and wireless devices are finding their way into homes. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently surveyed potential and recent home buyers and found that the most sought-after tech features in the home are related to comfort and safety.

As homeowners spend more time in their living space, achieving an optimal level of comfort comes to the fore. When it comes to tech features to help improve home enjoyment, a programmable thermostat was rated essential or desirable by 77% of homebuyers. Additionally, when it comes to temperature, a majority (59%) of homebuyers said they want a multi-zone HVAC system, which allows homeowners to set the temperature in different areas, or “zones,” of the home.

At home or away, homebuyers want to make sure their family and belongings are safe. Security features also ranked highly among essential or desirable technology features for homebuyers. A majority of buyers said they would like security cameras (77%) and a video doorbell (70%). When it comes to a home security system, connectivity capabilities make the difference. Most buyers preferred a wireless system (70%) over a wired security system (59%).

It probably won’t come as a surprise, but households with children are also more likely to find different types of tech essential. Nearly a quarter (23%) of married couples with children rated voice assistants (such as an Echo or HomePod) as desirable or essential, compared to just 10% of married couples without children. There is also a significant difference when it comes to how major appliances work. More households with a married couple with children say they want a smart remote-controlled washer and dryer than a married couple without children. Remotely controlled smart refrigerators were also deemed more essential or desirable for married couples with children, compared to married couples without children.

Not all home tech features were deemed essential by homebuyers. Electric car stations stood out the most, with more than a third (35%) of buyers saying they don’t want this tech feature in their homes. A home cinema was a distant second (29%).

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