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Cut through the Ed Tech hype for research-driven improvements

What will be the impact of emerging technologies on the future of education? While it’s easy to get carried away by the hype around trends like the metaverse and artificial intelligence, the real advancements come in slow and incremental improvements in the use of technology to inform education. and learning, according to Neil Heffernan, professor of computer science and director of the Graduate Program in Learning Science and Technology at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Here we are talking about augmented reality, smart tutoring systems, and the need for better ed tech research infrastructure.

Digital transformation in higher education: what it means and where to start

The digital transformation of higher education has been going on for years, but the current pandemic has put this process at the center of attention – and accelerated digital efforts perhaps like nothing else could. Institutions are going through profound changes in culture, workforce and technology, enabling new educational models, transforming operations and even changing the entire higher education value proposition. We spoke with Betsy Reinitz, Director of Corporate and IT Programs at EDUCAUSE, about what digital transformation means, how to start a Dx journey, the biggest obstacles to Dx and more.

Planning the classroom of the future

The right mix of technology and training will ensure that your learning spaces can adapt to the ever-changing modes of teaching. Here are key considerations for sustaining classrooms, supporting faculty, and surviving the next pandemic.

3 strategies for better meetings

As the format of your meetings evolves, make sure you have commitment and flexibility, advises Joseph Allen, professor at the University of Utah and co-author of the books Suddenly Virtual and Suddenly Hybrid.