Digital Technology Development Award (Modeling Climate-Sensitive Infectious Diseases)

Deadline: 31-mar-22

Wellcome Trust is inviting applications for the Digital Technology Development Awards (Climate-Sensitive Infectious Disease Modelling) to provide funding to software developers of all career stages and disciplines to develop digital tools that will improve modeling climate-sensitive infectious diseases.

At the end of the award, successful applicants will have delivered open-source digital technology that will increase the impact of research to combat this health threat.

Price Information
  • A Wellcome Digital Technology Development Award provides up to a maximum of £500,000 to cover research expenses, including salaries if required.
  • The scholarship is usually for 5 years but can be shorter at the candidate’s discretion.
eligible countries

Where your host organization is based: Anywhere in the world (excluding mainland China).

Eligibility criteria
  • You can apply individually or as a team.
  • You or your team must have:
    • training or work experience in any field of science and health related to infectious diseases and/or the impacts of climate change on human health and
    • an idea for new digital technology to improve modeling at the intersection of these two fields.
  • You do not need to have an information technology (IT) background to apply. When the term “software developer” is used, it includes anyone who has experience building software-based tools and technologies.
  • You will need to demonstrate your knowledge and experience of developing open source software.
  • You must be based in an eligible host organization anywhere in the world (excluding mainland China).
  • It can be a:
    • higher education establishment
    • research Institute
    • non-academic health organization
    • non-profit organisation.
  • You must choose an environment that offers you the appropriate training, resources and experience to carry out your project and develop your own skills and identity.

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