Advanced Technology Development Center Hires Fintech Expert

The new hire is part of ATDC’s outreach to Georgian startups in the FinTech initiative.

Michelangelo Ho is the fintech expert who joins the Advanced Technology Development Center to lead its FinTech accelerator initiative. Ho will work with FinTech startups in Georgia and help guide their growth and development.

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) has named Michelangelo Ho its fintech catalyst, and he will lead the agency’s efforts to focus on Georgia-based startups in this sector.

Ho is slated to start on April 20, and the announcement of his hire is the first major step in ATDC’s fintech acceleration initiative.

In March 2015, Worldpay, a global payment technology and services company, gave $1 million to the Georgia Institute of Technology to create a financial technology accelerator at ATDC. The donation, which will fully fund the accelerator for the next three years, included hiring a FinTech expert to mentor the startups.

ATDC, a program of Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute, is a statewide tech startup incubator and is responsible for helping entrepreneurs build and launch successful businesses. It is one of the oldest university incubators in the country.

“FinTech startups in Georgia are really underserved, so this is a great opportunity for us at ATDC and a unique challenge for me,” Ho said.

The focus on fintech is strategically important for Georgia, as the state is a leader in this area. Indeed, the American Transaction Processors Coalition claims that more than 70% of all US payments are processed in Georgia and that more than 60% of businesses in the industry call the Atlanta metro area their home.

This has led to the creation of a significant number of FinTech startups in Georgia and increased interest from entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses in the sector, Ho said.

“From my perspective, this is a great opportunity and this opportunity is huge because of the volume of startups that ATDC has the ability to help and accelerate.”

Ho, who has extensive FinTech experience, has been involved in a number of innovative ventures and projects in the industry, including Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX)/CurrentC, Google Wallet and Isis/SoftCard.

An entrepreneur himself who founded two companies, GoSpring and Veritas Product Group, Ho led innovation and strategy efforts at First Data Corp. and as a consultant for AT&T, among others. As a mentor at ATDC for the past three years, he has advised a number of entrepreneurs and startups.

A graduate in technology, he holds a Master of Management Executive MBA from the Institute, as well as a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Mercer University.

By Péralte C.Paul