University of Alberta to receive $ 130 million for research and technological development

Edmonton –

The University of Alberta obtains $ 130 million to fund 11 research and technological development projects covering several industries.

The province is spending $ 27 million over four years, which will leverage remaining funding from partners, including the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Making the announcement Thursday, Employment, Economy and Innovation Minister Doug Schweitzer said the investment is another way the province is promoting economic diversification.

The projects cover industries such as medicine, engineering, agriculture and the natural sciences.

“In every area, researchers at the University of Alberta are on the cusp of discoveries and innovations that could improve the lives of millions of people,” said Aminah Robinson Fayek, vice president of research and of Innovation at the University of Alberta. “For example, highly effective medical treatments designed specifically for individuals rather than populations. Nanotechnology that will be more efficient and adaptable to demand and to growing energy data. Farming that is more resilient in the face of the challenges of climate change.

“Bringing these innovations to the world requires not only the best minds, but also the right facilities and the right tools. Today’s funding announcement will help build the infrastructure we need to find the solutions of tomorrow.

The province’s contribution comes from the government’s Research Capacity Program.