Ministry of Education and AfDB join forces to strengthen science and technology education in Cambodia

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), organized a workshop on the preparation of Cambodia’s scientific and technological project in upper secondary education “CAM STEP UP “.

The workshop took place Wednesday by videoconference under the chairmanship of Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.

Senior officials from the Ministries of Economy and Finance, and Education, Youth and Sports, representatives of the ADB and rectors of public educational institutions joined the preparation workshop. .

He discussed the key contents of the project, including the CAM STEP UP plans and the primary review of three outcome indicators such as equitable expansion of upper secondary education, strengthening of the quality of education and STEM learning and capacity development to lead and manage educational institutions and schools.

The five-year science and technology project (2022-2027) for higher education in Cambodia is well aligned with the strategic education plan 2019-2023 and the education roadmap 2030 of Cambodia’s Sustainable Development Goals 4 (SDG4) .

It also builds on the accumulated experience and achievements of the development projects of the upper secondary education sector 1 and 2 (USESDP 1) and (USESDP 2). Lim Nary – AKP

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