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Cyber ​​insurance companies are raising their rates and tightening their requirements

Industry experts warn that cyber insurance premiums will skyrocket this year across all industries as insurers clamp down on the level of risk they will accept – and insurers have started requiring organizations to buy policies to prove that their network security is in top shape before even getting a quote, let alone active coverage.

Designing data-driven learning and transitioning to the web

The pandemic has testified to advances in the use of technology to support online learning, but it has also exposed how poor design of traditional courses translates into a digital experience. And it’s an opportunity for institutions to become more sophisticated in leveraging digital learning environments to go beyond what’s possible in a physical classroom. That’s according to Luyen Chou, director of learning at 2U. Here we talk about the transformation of online pedagogy, the potential of emerging technologies, the beauty of simple data, essential human skills and more.

Why Phishing Still Works (and What to Do About It)

Protection against this age-old cybercriminal tactic requires a combination of technology and education. Here’s how to help users recognize a phishing threat and what to do when an attack breaks through your defenses.

FLEXspace: Building the resource, fostering the community

The FLEXspace platform allows users to find and share detailed examples for designing learning spaces and is of great value to institutions planning new or updated spaces. We interviewed the Executive Director of about current and future developments of the FLEXspace platform and plans for its growing community.

Seize the opportunity of digital transformation

In November, Campus Technology hosted a virtual summit on IT Innovation: All the Ways Higher Education Technology Leaders Embraced Agility and Flexibility in Challenging Times. A highlight of the event was a panel discussion on digital transformation and how the pandemic has accelerated digital efforts on campus. Here is that conversation.

Cutting through Ed Tech Hype in favor of research-driven improvements

How will emerging technologies impact the future of education? According to Neil Heffernan, professor of computer science and director of the Graduate Program in Learning Science and Technology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Here we talk about augmented reality, smart tutoring systems, and the need for better research infrastructure in education technology.